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Established in 2023, Shaanxi EdautoGroup Co., Ltd. employs over 50 dedicated professionals. Our company specializes in the sales of new and used cars, as well as offering car import and export agency services. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including vehicle sales, appraisals, trades, exchanges, consignments, and acquisitions.

Since 2023, we have successfully exported over 1,000 vehicles through third-party new and used car export companies, achieving a transaction value exceeding $20 million USD. Our export operations extend across Asia and Europe.

Shaanxi EdautoGroup is structured into eight major departments, each with a clear division of labor, defined rights and responsibilities, and systematic operations. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation, built on our commitment to pre-sales consultation, in-sales service, and after-sales management. Our core values of integrity and trustworthiness guide our dedication to providing quality service to every customer. We aim to offer practical and appropriate solutions, always prioritizing the interests of our clients.

Our company has expanded its vehicle business and integrated the automotive industry chain. From product selection to operation and transportation methods, we align closely with market demands to meet our customers' needs. This approach has enabled us to broaden our new and used car business both domestically and internationally.

Looking ahead, our focus is on expanding the international vehicle market. We continuously reflect on and learn from our service practices to enhance our service system and improve business quality. We warmly welcome like-minded individuals to join us in our journey towards excellence and innovation.

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Why Us

At present, we have a professional acquisition team with a national market network and are familiar with the technical condition of vehicles, so that customers can buy with confidence.

High quality and stable supply

The company has the qualifications of first-hand supply, and can provide more favorable product prices on the premise of ensuring that it can provide high-quality products, and the product supply is timely and the products are diversified. Under such conditions, I believe you can better choose our products.

High-efficiency transportation and various methods

The company has road transportation and sea transportation methods to meet your transportation needs.

Professional sales team and good communication

The company has a highly capable and professional sales team. The sales staff have high execution ability. They can serve you wholeheartedly at all stages of your product selection and have a strong sense of responsibility. Believe that we are your best choice.

Stable development and lifelong cooperation

The company has been engaged in vehicle business for many years, with a wide range, solid business foundation and large capital scale. The company has been making steady progress, gradually breaking through various business links, and has strong innovation capabilities. Remarkable results have been achieved in various large-scale activities such as the Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan.

Main Business & Service Features

The main business and service features are as follows:

SHAANXI EDAUTOGROUP CO. ,LTD main business: acquisition, sales, purchase, sale, vehicle replacement, valuation, vehicle consignment, supplementary procedures, extended warranty, transfer, annual inspection, transfer, new car registration, vehicle insurance purchase, new car and second-hand car installment Payment and other vehicle related business. Main brands: new energy vehicles, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other high-end quality new cars and used cars.

Implementation principles: We adhere to the spirit of "integrity, dedication, and pursuit of excellence" and adhere to the principles of "customer first, perfection, and unremitting efforts" to strive to build the company into a professional, group-based first-class automotive service company, so as to better serve the society. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to join hands with us and create brilliance together. Since its establishment, the company has held a variety of activities and has received praise and recognition from the used car industry.

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Main branches

Main branches

Xi'an Dachenghang Second-hand Car Distribution Co., Ltd.

The company is a well-known cross-regional second-hand car distribution company, headquartered in Shenzhen, with Xi'an branch and Yinchuan branch. The company has strong registered capital, a total business area of ​​nearly 20,000 square meters, a large number of existing vehicles on display, a rich supply of vehicles, and a complete range of models, while meeting the needs of different consumers. The company has rich industry experience and market operation capabilities in marketing, after-sales service, public relations, financial investment, corporate strategy, etc.

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Xi'an Yunshang Xixi Technology Co., Ltd.

Xi'an Yunshang Xixi Technology Co., Ltd. was established on July 5, 2021, with a registered capital of 1 million yuan, and a unified social credit code: 91610113MAB0XNPT6N. The company's address is located at No. 1-1, Fuyu Second-hand Car Plaza, at the northeast corner of Keji West Road and Fuyuan 5th Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. The company's main business is used car sales.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

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1. The scope of the FTZ is more conducive to innovation in various systems.

On 1 April 2017, the Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially established. Xi'an Customs has actively implemented the 25 measures of the General Administration of Customs to promote trade facilitation in Shaanxi, and has initiated customs clearance integration with 10 customs offices along the Silk Road, realising interconnection of land, air and sea ports. Xi'an has more advantages in implementing and exploring the export business of used cars.

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2. Xi'an is a prominent location and transportation hub.

Xi'an is located at the centre of China's land map and is an important strategic hub on the Silk Road Economic Belt, linking Europe and Asia, and connecting the east to the west and the south to the north, as well as the centre of China's three-dimensional transportation network of airlines, railways and motorways. As the largest inland port in China, the Xi'an International Port Area has been awarded both domestic and international codes, and is equipped with port, railway hub, highway hub and international multimodal transportation network.

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3. Convenient customs clearance and rapid development of foreign trade in Xi'an.

In 2018, the growth rates of import and export, export and import of goods in Shaanxi Province ranked the 2nd, 1st and 6th in the country respectively during the same period. Meanwhile, this year, the China-European Liner (Chang'an) operated a special train for importing green beans from Uzbekistan, a special train for China-European high-quality goods from Jingdong Logistics and a special train for Volvo, which effectively improved the balance of foreign trade, further reduced the operating costs of the train and promoted the development of foreign trade towards Central Europe and Central Asia.

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4. Xi'an has a guaranteed supply of vehicles and a well-developed industrial chain.

As the largest advanced manufacturing base in Shaanxi Province and the leader of the "trillion-level industrial corridor" in Greater Xi'an, Xi'an has formed a complete automotive industry chain with BYD, Geely and Baoneng as representatives, including vehicle manufacturing, engines, axles and components. With the support of the Uxin Group, the No.1 used car e-commerce company in China, which has the ability to integrate and mobilise used car sources from all over the country, as well as professional vehicle inspection standards, pricing systems and logistics networks, it will ensure the speedy implementation and smooth operation of used car export in Xi'an.

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5. The Xi'an Automobile Dealers Association has close ties with used car dealers

Branded 4S shop dealers (groups), automotive after-sales service market enterprises in Shaanxi Province, as well as the Chamber of Commerce of Used Car Dealers of China Automobile Circulation Association, the Chamber of Commerce of Used Car Industry (with members mainly from the national used car market) and the Used Car Development Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (with members mainly from the national used car dealers). The Chamber of Commerce has close ties with the China Chamber of Commerce and Industry We have a reliable guarantee and a unique advantage for the implementation of specific tasks such as the testing and inspection of export vehicles, the establishment of a sales system in the destination country, the after-sales service, the supply of spare parts and automotive products, the organisation of export vehicles and the export of automotive personnel!