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(1)Cruising power: AW TOYOTA COROLLA, 1.8L E-CVT PIONEER, MY2022 performs well on the highway. Its engine and transmission pairing makes long-distance driving easier and more comfortable. The design of the continuously variable transmission makes the shifting process smooth and seamless, and the vehicle can maintain a stable cruising speed with low fuel consumption.
(2)Equipment of automobile:

Engine and transmission: This model is equipped with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an E-CVT continuously variable transmission. This power combination delivers smooth acceleration and shifting while delivering excellent fuel economy.

Appearance design: FAW TOYOTA COROLLA, 1.8L E-CVT PIONEER, MY2022 adopts a modern appearance design with dynamic and streamlined lines. Its design details are full of sophistication, making the vehicle look stylish and eye-catching on the road.

Interior configuration: The car has spacious and comfortable seats, which can provide passengers with a good riding experience. Additionally, high-quality materials and finishes are used inside to create a luxurious feel. The vehicle is equipped with advanced entertainment and infotainment systems, including a touch screen display, support for Bluetooth and USB connectivity, a multi-function steering wheel, and more.

Safety performance: In order to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, FAW TOYOTA COROLLA, 1.8L E-CVT PIONEER, MY2022 is equipped with a series of safety features, such as active brake assist system, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist, etc.
(3)Supply and quality: we have the first source and the quality is guaranteed.

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(1)Appearance design:  
Front face design: This model uses a large-sized air intake grille, which gives the front face of the vehicle a strong visual impact. The headlights adopt a sharp line design and are integrated with the air intake grille to form a unique and dynamic front face shape. Body lines: The entire body lines are smooth and dynamic. Its design pursues the smallest possible wind resistance while giving people a feeling of movement and energy. The side windows have smooth lines and the front and rear overhangs are short, making the vehicle look more streamlined. Body size: This model has a moderate body size, which not only provides flexibility for urban driving, but also provides sufficient interior space. Rear design: The rear part of the car adopts a unique LED taillight design, which adds a modern feel to the entire vehicle. A shark fin antenna and a small spoiler further add to the vehicle's sporty feel and improve aerodynamics. Wheel design: This model is equipped with stylish wheels, ranging from 17 inches to 18 inches, with different design styles and chrome decoration, making the entire vehicle look more outstanding.

(2)Interior design:
Cabin space: This model provides a spacious seating space, and passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride in the car. The front and rear seats are well designed and provide ample headroom and legroom. Seat Comfort: The seat is made from high-quality materials and provides excellent support and comfort. The seats are adjustable in multiple directions to meet the needs of different drivers and have heating and ventilation functions. Interior decoration: The interior uses high-quality materials and decorative parts to create a sense of luxury. High-grade wood grain or metal decorative panels are used to decorate the center control panel and door panels, making the interior space more elegant and fashionable. Instrument panel and driver area: The vehicle is equipped with a clear and easy-to-read digital instrument panel that displays vehicle speed, fuel consumption and driving information. The center console area features a touchscreen display for multimedia control, navigation and other vehicle settings. Entertainment and infotainment system: The vehicle is equipped with an advanced entertainment and infotainment system, including Bluetooth connectivity, USB and AUX interfaces, audio and phone control and other functions. In addition, the system also supports the interconnection functions of mobile phones and vehicles to provide more convenience and safety features.

(3)Power endurance:
Powerful power: This model is equipped with a 1.8-liter engine, which provides drivers with ample power. Whether it is daily city driving or highway driving, this engine can provide stable and reliable power output. CVT transmission: This model uses an E-CVT continuously variable transmission, which makes the shifting process smoother and improves fuel economy. The CVT transmission can also intelligently adjust the transmission ratio according to driving conditions and needs, making the driving experience more comfortable. Durability: FAW TOYOTA COROLLA is known for its rugged and durable features. Vehicles use high-quality components and materials and undergo rigorous craftsmanship and testing to ensure their long-term reliability and durability. Ride Quality Control: This model is equipped with an advanced ride quality control system that includes functions such as stability control, traction control and brake assist. These systems provide a safe and stable driving experience while protecting the vehicle from potential hazards and damage.


Basic parameters

Energy type HEV
NEDC comprehensive fuel consumption(L/100km) 4
Engine 1.8L, 4 Cylinders , L4 , 98 horsepower
Engine model 8ZR-FXE
Fuel tank capacity(L) 43
Transmission E-CVT continuously variable transmission
Body type & Body structure 4-doors 5-seats & Load bearing
Battery type & Battery capacity (kWh) Nickel-metal hydride battery  & -
Motor position & Qty -
Electric motor power(kw) 53
0-100km/h acceleration time(s) -
Battery charging time(h) Fast charge: -   Slow charge: -
L×W×H(mm) 4635*1780*1455
Wheelbase(mm) 2700
Tire size 195/65 R15
Steering wheel material Plastic
Seat material Fabric
Rim material Aluminum alloy 
Temperature control Automatic air conditioning
Sunroof Type Without

Interior features

Steering wheel position adjustment--Manual up-down + front-back Form of shift--Mechanical gear shift
Multifunction steering wheel Driving computer display--colour
Liquid crystal instrument --4.2-inch Central screen--8-inch Touch LCD screen
Driver seat adjustment--Front-back /backrest / high- low(2-way)  Front passenger seat adjustment--Front-back/backrest
Front/Rear center armrest--Front  Road rescue call
Bluetooth/Car phone  Mobile interconnection/mapping--CarPlay/CarLife/Hicar
Media/charging port--USB USB/Type-C-- Front row: 1
Speaker Qty--6 Remote control by mobile APP
Front/rear electric window--Front + rear One-touch electric window--All over the car
Window anti-clamping function  Interior vanity mirror--D+P
Internal rearview mirror--Manual antiglare PM2.5 filter device in car

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