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  • Li  L8  1.5L ultra,Lowest  Primary Source,EV

    Li L8 1.5L ultra,Lowest Primary Source,EV

    The LI  L8 is a medium-sized SUV with a simple design and a very modern feel. It adopts the latest family-style front face design, with a closed Chinese mesh, and through-type front and rear taillights that echo each other, giving it a full sense of technology. It has three modes: pure electric mode, fuel priority and gasoline-electric hybrid, making travel more secure.

    Color: Baby Blue, Black metallic paint, Gray metallic paint, Gold Metallic paint, Green Special Edition, Sliver Metallic Paint



    As a luxury mid-to-large SUV specially built for young family users, the LI L6 body size of less than five meters makes city driving flexible and easy to drive and park, and at the same time brings a large interior space that is ahead of its class. LI L6continues the iconic star ring design of the L series, with a more refined and dynamic shape. L6 has class-leading comfortable and luxurious configurations. In terms of power, the L6 is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender and a 36.8 kWh battery pack. It comes standard with dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive, can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 5.4 seconds, and has a CLTC comprehensive cruising range of 1,390 kilometers. The L6 comes standard with front double-wishbone rear five-link suspension and CDC shock absorbers, taking into account both control and comfort. In terms of intelligence, LI L6uses high-definition four-screen interaction and is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295P. The car system has been deeply optimized, with fast response, low latency, and stable network. The AI-powered Ideal Classmate is the strongest family car assistant. All LI L6series are equipped with intelligent driving systems as standard. Users do not need to pay extra, and their intelligent driving capabilities can continue to grow.

  • LI AUTO L9 ULTRA Extended-range,Lowest Primary Source

    LI AUTO L9 ULTRA Extended-range,Lowest Primary ...

    The Lixiang L9 Ulltra is an extended-range large SUV with a CLTC pure electric range of 280KM. It is equipped with an efficient electric drive system that can provide strong acceleration performance and a smooth driving experience. Its battery system uses advanced lithium-ion battery technology, which can achieve a cruising range of hundreds of kilometers and provide users with a convenient daily driving experience.

    In terms of appearance design, Lixiang L9 Ultra adopts smooth lines and dynamic shapes, showing a sense of modernity and technology. In terms of interior, it is equipped with luxurious and comfortable seats and advanced intelligent technology systems to provide drivers and passengers with a comfortable driving experience.

    In addition, Lixiang L9 ultra also has a wealth of intelligent driving assistance systems and safety configurations, including automatic driving functions, collision warning systems, adaptive cruise control, etc., providing drivers with a safer and more convenient driving experience.

  • LI AUTO L9 1315KM, 1.5L Max, Lowest  Primary Source,EV

    LI AUTO L9 1315KM, 1.5L Max, Lowest Primary So...

    (1)Cruising power: LI AUTO L9 is an electric vehicle with a cruising range of 1,315 kilometers. It uses a maximum battery capacity of 1.5 liters, which means it can store more power, extending the vehicle’s range.
    (2)Equipment of automobile:

    Navigation system: It has high-precision navigation function, which can help drivers navigate accurately and avoid congested roads.

    Entertainment system: It is equipped with a high-quality sound system, supports Bluetooth connection and USB interface, and can easily connect to mobile phones or other devices for music playback.

    Safety system: Equipped with a number of active safety systems, including automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist and other functions to provide higher safety performance.

    Comfort equipment: The seats are designed to be comfortable and equipped with electric adjustment, heating and ventilation functions, allowing drivers and passengers to adjust the angle and temperature of the seats according to their needs.

    Advanced driving assistance system: including adaptive cruise control, automatic parking assist and traffic jam assist, providing a more convenient and safer driving experience.
    (3)Supply and quality: we have the first source and the quality is guaranteed.

  • LI  L7 1315KM, 1.5L Pro, Lowest  Primary Source,EV

    LI L7 1315KM, 1.5L Pro, Lowest Primary Source,EV

    (1)Cruising power: LI  L7 is an electric car that can provide a cruising range of up to 1315 kilometers. It is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine and is a 2023 model (MY2023). These are strong performance and battery life capabilities that can meet the needs of most consumers.
    (2)Equipment of automobile: Equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, providing higher power output and fuel economy.

    1,315 kilometers of cruising range: The vehicle uses electric technology and has a cruising range of 1,315 kilometers, suitable for long-distance driving.

    Pro configuration: Pro configuration is usually a vehicle’s advanced configuration, which may include luxurious seat materials, electric seat adjustment, multi-function steering wheel, large central control screen, intelligent navigation system, etc.

    Other configurations may also include:  advanced driving assistance systems such as active brake assist, blind spot monitoring, emergency brake assist, etc.

    Comfort configurations: such as panoramic sunroof, seat heating and ventilation functions, advanced air conditioning system, etc.

    Entertainment system: such as audio system, Bluetooth connection, USB interface, car networking function, etc.

    (3)Supply and quality: we have the first source and the quality is guaranteed.

  • LI AUTO L7 1315KM, 1.5L Max, Lowest  Primary Source,EV

    LI AUTO L7 1315KM, 1.5L Max, Lowest Primary So...

    (1)Cruising power: LI AUTO L7 1315KM is an electric vehicle model equipped with innovative battery technology to provide long-lasting cruising capabilities. L7 1315KM is equipped with a high-energy-density lithium-ion battery, which can provide excellent cruising range.
    (2)Equipment of automobile:

    Power system: L7 1315KM uses a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine as the main power source and is equipped with an electric motor as auxiliary power. This hybrid system can provide higher power output and lower fuel consumption, which can not only meet the driving performance needs, but also improve fuel economy.

    Range: Adopting a plug-in hybrid design, the L7 1315KM has a certain degree of pure electric range. The specific cruising range may depend on battery capacity and driving conditions, but according to possible information, the maximum comprehensive cruising range of this model may reach 1,315 kilometers, making daily commuting and long-distance travel more convenient.

    Equipment configuration: L7 1315KM may be equipped with a wealth of equipment and technology functions, such as intelligent interconnection systems, touch screens, navigation systems, vehicle stability control, etc. These devices and features are designed to provide a comfortable, convenient and safe driving experience.

    Design and Space: The L7 1315KM may feature a modern exterior design and offer spacious interior space. The interior of the vehicle may feature high-quality seats, a multi-function steering wheel, and a comfortable ride.
    (3)Supply and quality: we have the first source and the quality is guaranteed.