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  • 2022AION plus80D flagship version

    2022AION plus80D flagship version

    The car uses a high-power DC fast charging station, which takes about 52 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%.  AIONLX PLUS has newly added two fashionable body paint colors, “Sky Grey” and “Pulse Blue”, which are inspired by the dawn gray in the distance and the sci-fi blue of the distant stars respectively.

    Colors: Holographic Sliver、Black/holographic silver、

    Black/Polar White、Pulse Blue、

    Polar White、Swift Silver

    Skyrim Grey、Night Shadow Black

  • GAC AION Y 510KM, Plus 70, Lexiang EV, MY2023

    GAC AION Y 510KM, Plus 70, Lexiang EV, MY2023

    (1)Cruising power: GAC AION Y is a pure electric model owned by GAC New Energy. It has excellent battery life and power performance.  This model is equipped with a large-capacity battery pack of 510 kilometers, which means that it can travel up to 510 kilometers on a single charge. This is a very outstanding range performance for an electric vehicle. In addition, AION Y is also equipped with a powerful 70-kilowatt electric motor, providing excellent power output performance. This will enable it to exhibit excellent acceleration capabilities and driving stability on city roads and highways.
    (2)Equipment of automobile:  First of all, AION Y 510KM has a large-capacity battery pack with a capacity of 510 kilometers, providing excellent cruising range. This means that after a single charge, you can enjoy long-distance driving without the hassle of frequent charging. In addition, AION Y 510KM PLUS 70 is equipped with rich advanced configurations to make your driving experience more comfortable and convenient. These include: Advanced intelligent driving assistance system: This model is equipped with a series of advanced driving assistance technologies, such as adaptive cruise control, intelligent braking assistance, lane keeping assistance, etc.,which improves the safety and convenience of driving. Comfort configuration: AION Y 510KM PLUS 70 provides luxurious seat materials and adjustable functions, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy a more comfortable seating experience. In addition, it is also equipped with a fully automatic air-conditioning system, a multi-function steering wheel, a large central control screen, etc., which improves the comfort and convenience of the entire driving environment. Advanced infotainment system: This model is equipped with an advanced infotainment system, including high-resolution touch screen, in-car navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, mobile phone projection and other functions. You can easily master vehicle information, navigate, listen to music, and use mobile applications through this system.
    (3)Supply and quality: we have the first source and the quality is guaranteed.