•  HONGQI EHS9 690KM, QIYUE 7 SEATS EV, Lowest  Primary Source
  •  HONGQI EHS9 690KM, QIYUE 7 SEATS EV, Lowest  Primary Source

HONGQI EHS9 690KM, QIYUE 7 SEATS EV, Lowest Primary Source

Short Description:

(1)Cruising power:  HONGQI EHS9 690KM, QIYUE 7 SEATS EV, MY2022 is an electric vehicle that is reportedly equipped with a high-capacity battery pack that can provide a cruising range of up to 690 kilometers. This means that after a single charge, the car can travel a distance of approximately 690 kilometers.
(2)Equipment of automobile:  The car is equipped with a high-capacity battery pack that can provide a range of up to 690 kilometers. This means that once charged, you can travel long distances without having to recharge frequently. HONGQI EHS9 adopts a fully electric drive system, which uses electric motors to provide power, which can achieve zero-emission, silent and high-efficiency driving experience.  This car can accommodate 7 passengers, has a spacious interior and comfortable seats, providing a good riding experience. QIYUE is equipped with a series of smart technology features, such as a center console equipped with a touch screen display, navigation system, voice control, Bluetooth connectivity, etc., providing convenience and entertainment for passengers. HONGQI EHS9 QIYUE is equipped with a series of safety systems and auxiliary functions, such as automatic emergency braking system, blind spot monitoring, reversing radar, adaptive cruise control, etc., to improve ride safety performance.
(3)Supply and quality: we have the first source and the quality is guaranteed.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

(1)Appearance design:
Front face design: The front face of the vehicle may adopt a bold and modern design language. It may be equipped with a large-size air intake grille with chrome decoration, highlighting the sense of luxury and power. Headlights: The vehicle may be equipped with sharp and dynamic LED headlights, which not only provide excellent lighting effects, but also increase the recognition of the entire vehicle. Frame structure: A strong yet streamlined body frame structure may be used to provide better aerodynamics. The body lines may be smooth and concise, and the details may show a strong sense of design. Body color: There may be multiple choices for vehicle exterior colors, such as common black, white, silver and other fashionable and personalized colors. Different color choices can meet consumers' different preferences and style needs

(2)Interior design:
Interior Space: The vehicle may offer a spacious and comfortable interior, providing passengers with adequate leg and headroom. The 7-seater layout means that passengers will have plenty of space. Seats and Materials: Seats may be made from high-quality materials that provide an elegant look and a comfortable ride. Seats may feature power adjustment and heating to provide a personalized ride. Instrument panels and consoles: Vehicles may be equipped with advanced instrument panels and center consoles. It may be equipped with a full LCD instrument panel that provides detailed driving information and vehicle status. The center console may be equipped with a touch screen and physical buttons to allow the driver to control vehicle functions. Multimedia and Connectivity Features: The interior of the vehicle may be equipped with advanced entertainment systems and connectivity features. It may include in-car navigation systems, Bluetooth connections, USB interfaces, mobile phone interconnection and other functions to provide convenient entertainment and communication experiences. Luxurious configuration: The HONGQI brand has always been famous for its luxury and high-end configuration. Therefore, the interior design may also include some luxurious decorative elements, such as leather seats, wood grain veneers, ambient lighting, etc., to increase the vehicle's sense of luxury.

(3)Power endurance:
Power system: HONGQI EHS9 uses advanced motor and battery technology to provide powerful power output. Specific power parameters may vary by market and region, but the 690KM cruising range shows that it has excellent battery energy storage and utilization efficiency. Battery life: The EHS9 may have a range of 690 kilometers, which is an impressive figure and means the vehicle can travel long distances on a single charge. This is very convenient and practical for both long-distance travel and daily use. Charging technology: HONGQI EHS9 may use advanced charging technology to support fast charging and slow charging. Fast charging technology can reduce charging time, while slow charging technology can provide a more stable and safe charging process. In addition, the vehicle may also support smart charging functions that can schedule charging according to user needs and grid conditions. Taken together, HONGQI EHS9 690KM, QIYUE 7 SEATS EV, MY2022 has excellent power and endurance, which can meet the needs of daily travel and long-distance travel. The electric power train and efficient energy management make it an environmentally friendly and convenient car choice.


Basic parameters

Vehicle Type SUV
Energy type EV/BEV
NEDC/CLTC (km) 690
Transmission Electric vehicle single speed gearbox    
Body type & Body structure 5-doors  7-seats & Load bearing
Battery type & Battery capacity (kWh) Ternary lithium battery & 120
Motor position & Qty Front & 1 + Rear & 1
Electric motor power(kw) 320
0-100km/h acceleration time(s) -
Battery charging time(h) Fast charge: -   Slow charge: -
L×W×H(mm) 5209*2010*1731
Wheelbase(mm) 3110
Tire size 265/45 R21
Steering wheel material Genuine leather
Seat material Imitation leather
Rim material Aluminum alloy 
Temperature control Automatic air conditioning
Sunroof Type Panoramic Sunroof openable

Interior features

Steering wheel position adjustment--Electric up-down + back-forth Form of shift--Shift gears with electronic handlebars
Multifunction steering wheel Steering wheel memory 
Driving computer display--colour Instrument--16.2-inch full LCD dashboard
Head Up Display-Option Built-in dashcam
Mobile phone wireless charging function--Front Driver/Front passenger seats--Electric adjustment
Driver seat adjustment--Back-forth & backrest & high- low(4-way) Front passenger seat adjustment--Back-forth & backrest & high- low(2-way)
Electric seat memory--Driver + front passenger Second row seats --Back-forth & backrest adjustment
Seat layout--2-3-2 Rear cup holder
Rear seat reclining form--Scale down & Electric down Front/Rear center armrest
Central control color screen--Touch LCD screen Front passenger entertainment screen-Option
Satellite navigation system Navigation road condition information display
Road rescue call Bluetooth/Car phone 
Speech recognition control system--Multimedia/navigation/telephone/air conditioner/sunroof Internet of Vehicles/4G/OTA upgrade/Wi-Fi
Media/charging port--USB USB/Type-C--Front row: 2/rear row: 4
220v/230v power supply Speaker Qty--16-Option/8
Mobile APP remote control Front/Rear electric window
One-touch electric window--All over the car Window anti-clamping function 
Multilayer soundproof glass--Front Internal rearview mirror--Automatic anti-glare
Rear side privacy glass Interior vanity mirror--Driver + front passenger
Rear windshield wipers  Rain-sensing windshield wipers 
Rear independent air conditioning Back seat air outlet
Partition temperature control  PM2.5 filter device in car
In-car fragrance device-Option  

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