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  • ZEEKR 007  Four-wheel Drive Intelligent Driving Version 770KM,Lowest  Primary Source,EV

    ZEEKR 007 Four-wheel Drive Intelligent Driving...

    ZEEKR 007 is a pure electric medium-sized car. The CLTC pure electric cruising range can reach 770km. It adopts the new Hidden Energy minimalist design language. The front face is rounded in style. Both sides of the hood are bulged and equipped with slender through-holes. Type light strip. The front face is equipped with a closed grille, the center of the through-type light strip is the ZEEKR LOGO, and the lower part is equipped with a matrix headlight. This car is available in a variety of colors:
    EXTERIOR COLOR: Polar night black/White/Clear Sky blue/Dawn brown/Mist and rain ash/Cloud silver
    INTERIOR COLOR: Black and Gray/Blue and White
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    The ZEEKR 001 YOU version is a medium-to-large pure electric vehicle with a CLTC pure electric range of 705km and a battery fast charging time of only 0.25 hours. The body length, width and height are 4977*1999*1533 respectively. It is equipped with dual motor drives, and the total electric motor Power 789Ps. Various colors to choose from.

  • ZEEKR 001 650KM, Long Range YOU ,Lowest  Primary Source,EV

    ZEEKR 001 650KM, Long Range YOU ,Lowest Primar...

    (1)Cruising power: ZEEKR001 is an electric vehicle product series, and ZEEKR001 Cruising Power is a model in this series. This model is characterized by high performance and long cruising range, and is designed to provide users with an excellent driving experience. ZEEKR001 Cruising Power adopts advanced electric technology and is equipped with a powerful battery system and efficient electric drive system. It has excellent power performance and acceleration capabilities, can quickly respond to the driver’s needs, and brings impressive driving pleasure. In addition, ZEEKR001 Cruising Power also performs well in terms of cruising range. Its battery system has high energy density and can provide a driving range of hundreds of kilometers. This eliminates the need for users to charge frequently, making it more convenient for daily use. In addition, ZEEKR001 Cruising Power also has advanced intelligent driving assistance systems and rich safety features. These features provide comprehensive driving protection to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers.
    (2)Equipment of automobile:

    Power system: ZEEKR001 may be equipped with an electric drive system, which has a high-efficiency electric drive system to provide power.

    Battery pack: ZEEKR001 may be equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack to provide long cruising range. Body design: ZEEKR001 may adopt a unique appearance design, as well as advanced body engineering technology to provide good aerodynamic performance.

    Interior: The interior of ZEEKR001 may be equipped with high-quality materials and modern technological facilities to provide a comfortable and convenient riding experience.

    Safety performance: ZEEKR001 may be equipped with advanced safety features, such as active braking, intelligent driving assistance systems, blind spot monitoring, etc., to provide a higher level of safety performance. These configuration information may not be 100% accurate because the official has not released comprehensive technical details.

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  • ZEEKR 001 741KM, WE 100kWh,Lowest  Primary Source

    ZEEKR 001 741KM, WE 100kWh,Lowest Primary Source

    (1)Cruising power:  ZEEKR 001 has a range of 741 kilometers, which means that when fully charged, the vehicle can travel a distance of 741 kilometers, making it an electric model suitable for long-distance travel.
    (2)Equipment of automobile:

    Powerful power system: ZEEKR 001 741KM is equipped with a high-performance electric drive system, providing strong power output and excellent acceleration performance. This electric vehicle is equipped with a high-capacity battery pack and an advanced battery management system to achieve long driving range, and supports fast charging technology to allow users to charge more conveniently.

    Advanced driving assistance systems: ZEEKR 001 741KM is equipped with a wealth of driving assistance systems, including automatic driving functions, adaptive cruise control, intelligent braking assistance, etc. These systems provide a safer, more comfortable driving experience and reduce driver fatigue and stress.

    Advanced Safety Features: ZEEKR 001 741KM also excels in safety performance. It is equipped with advanced safety features such as multiple airbag systems, stability control systems, blind spot monitoring, etc. to provide all-round protection.

    Comfortable and luxurious interior space: The interior space of ZEEKR 001 741KM is spacious and comfortable, providing high-quality seats and luxurious decoration. Equipped with high-grade leather seats, luxurious wood veneer and unique lighting effects, it creates a comfortable and luxurious driving environment.

    Internet smart functions: ZEEKR 001 741KM has powerful Internet smart functions, supporting in-car Wi-Fi, online navigation, remote control, etc. Users can remotely lock/unlock the vehicle, adjust the temperature, check battery status, etc. through the mobile app.

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