•  2024 BYD Destroyer 05 DM-i 120KM Flagship Version,Lowest Primary Source
  •  2024 BYD Destroyer 05 DM-i 120KM Flagship Version,Lowest Primary Source

2024 BYD Destroyer 05 DM-i 120KM Flagship Version,Lowest Primary Source

Short Description:

The 2024 BYD Destroyer 05 is a plug-in hybrid model. This car is built with low-carbon environmental protection and green behavior principles. The Destroyer 05 is based on the design concept of “marine aesthetics”, and the overall sense of hierarchy is relatively clear.

The overall body The outline is simple and elegant, and the headlights designed by “Star Battleship” give people the feeling of sprinting at all times, and the side lines of the car are also smooth and soft.

The interior design is equipped with an intelligent cockpit, and the comfortable space design allows you to travel whether you are on the road or in the car. You can relax your body and mind even during your busy work. Quietly feel the tranquility and comfort this car brings to you. A variety of color options make your life no longer monotonous.


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Manufacture BYD
Rank Compact SUV
Energy type Plug-in hybrid
NEDC battery range(km) 120
WLTC battery range(km) 101
Battery fast charge time(h) 1.1
Gearbox E-CVT continuously variable speed
Body structure 4-doors,5-seats
Motor(Ps) 197
Length*Width*Height(mm) 4780*1837*1495
Maximum speed(km/h) 185
WLTC combined fuel consumption(L/100km) 1.58
Power equivalent fuel consumption(L/100km) 1.64
Service mass(kg) 1620
Maximum load weight(kg) 1995
Body structure Three-compartment car
Door opening mode Swing door
Number of doors(each) 4
Number of seats(each) 5
Tank capacity(L) 48
Maximum power(kW) 81
Number of driving motors Single motor
Motor layout preposition
Driving mode switching movement
Key type remote key
bluetooth key
Skylight type Power skylight
Exterior rearview mirror function electric folding
rearview mirror heating up
The lock car folds automatically
Central control color screen Touch LCD screen
Center control screen size 12.8 inches
Central control screen material LCD
Steering wheel material cortex
Shift pattern Electronic knob shift
Seat material Imitation leather
Front seat function heat
Air conditioner temperature control mode Automatic air conditioning




The appearance of the 2024 Destroyer 05 is based on the "marine aesthetics" design concept. The front grille is composed of multiple chrome-plated grilles, arranged in a dot matrix at the edges, with a clear sense of layering. There are air guide grooves on both sides of the front enclosure.


Headlights and taillights: Destroyer 05’s headlights adopt the “Star Battleship” design, and the taillights adopt the “Geometric Dot Matrix” design. The entire series is equipped with LED light sources as standard.


Body design: The Destroyer 05 is positioned as a compact car, with soft side lines and a waistline that extends from the headlights to the rear. The rear of the car has a full design, smooth lines, and is equipped with through-type taillights.


Battery: Lithium iron phosphate battery, using liquid cooling for heat dissipation.


The center console of the Destroyer 05 adopts an "ocean rhythm" design, with symmetry on both sides. A black decorative panel runs through the center console, with soft materials on the top and a rotatable screen in the middle.

Instrument panel: Equipped with an 8.8-inch full LCD instrument, the content display is simple and clear. The left side displays the driving mode, the right side displays the speed, the upper part is the gear, and the lower part is the battery life.


Central control screen: The center of the central control is a 12.8-inch rotatable screen that runs the DiLimk system, integrates vehicle control and entertainment functions, has a built-in app store, has rich downloadable resources, and supports 4G networks.


Leather steering wheel: The 2024 Destroyer is equipped with a leather steering wheel, which adopts a three-spoke design, the inner ring is decorated with chrome trim, the left button controls the cruise control, and the right button controls the car and multimedia.


Knob-type gear shift: Destroyer 05 is equipped with an electronic gear lever, which adopts a knob-type gear shift. The gear lever is located on the center console console, with P gear on the top, and the outer ring is decorated with chrome plating.


Automatic air conditioning: All Destroyer 05 series are equipped with automatic air conditioning and in-car PM2.5 filtering devices as standard.

Leather seats: Destroyer 05 comes standard with imitation leather seats. The front row adopts an integrated design and the height of the headrest is not adjustable. The main driver and co-pilot are equipped with seat heating and electric adjustment.


Rear seats: Destroyer 05 comes standard with a center armrest in the rear. The seat cushion in the middle is slightly shorter than the two sides, and the floor is slightly raised, which does not affect the riding experience.


The front center armrest is wrapped in leather, decorated with red stitching in the middle, and equipped with an NFC sensing area above.

Rear air outlet: The standard rear air outlet has a rectangular design inside, the edges are decorated with plated decorative strips, and there are two USB charging ports below.

L2 level assisted driving: Equipped with reversing side warning, lane keeping assist, road traffic sign recognition and remote control parking functions.

Skylight type: power sunroof


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