•  Wuling Hongguang  Mini Macaron 215km,Lowest  Primary Source,EV
  •  Wuling Hongguang  Mini Macaron 215km,Lowest  Primary Source,EV

Wuling Hongguang Mini Macaron 215km,Lowest Primary Source,EV

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Hongguang MINIEV Macaron is the new model of Hongguang MINIEV. The newly designed Macaron wordmark is embedded on the left side of the body and is a unique symbol of the new model. The new headlights adopt a Hui character design and are unified at the front and rear. The new wheel hub has a unique design, and the multi-layered overlapping structure shows full personality.

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The interior and body colors of Hongguang MINIEV Macaron complement each other. The overall design style is simple, and the air conditioner, stereo, and cup holders are all in the same macaron-style color as the car body, and the seats are also embellished with color details.At the same time, Hongguang MINIEV Macaron adopts a 4-seater layout. The rear row comes standard with 5/5 points of independently foldable seats, making it more flexible and convenient to use in multiple scenarios.

Exterior color:White peach power/Coffee with milk apricot /Avocado green/Light yellow/Iris blue

Interior color:Brownie black/Milk toffee


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Manufacture Saic General Wuling
Rank minicar
Energy type Pure energy
CLTC Battery range(km) 215
Fast charge time(h) 0.58
Battery slow charge time(h) 5
Battery fast charge range(%) 30-80
Battery slow charge range(%) 20-100
Maximum power(kW) 30
Maximum torque(N.m) 92
Body strycture 3-door,4-seats,hatchback
Motors 41
Length*width*height(mm) 3064*1493*1629
Official 0-100km/h acceleration(s) -
Maximum speed(km/h) 100
Power equivalent fuel consumption(L/100km) 1.02
Vehicle warranty Three years or 120,000 kilometers
Service weight(kg) 777
Maximum load weight(kg) 1095
Length(mm) 3064
Width(mm) 1493
Height(mm) 1629
Wheelbase(mm) 2010
Front wheel base(mm) 1290
Rear wheel base(mm) 1306
No load minimum ground clearance(mm) 130
Approach Angle(°) 25
Departure Angle(°) 36
Minimum turning radius(m) 4.3
Body strycture Two-compartment car
Door opening mode Swing door
Number of doors(each) 3
Number of seats(each) 4
Trunk volume(L) -
Wind resistance coefficient(Cd) -
Toal motor power(kW) 30
Toal motor power(Ps) 41
Toal motor torque(N.m) 92
Maximum power of rear motor(kW) 30
Maximum torque of rear motor(N.m) 92
Number of driving motors Single motor
Motor layout postposition
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate battery
CLTC Battery range(km) 215
Battery power(kWh) 17.3
100kW power consumption(kwh/100km) 9
Fast charge function support
Battery fast charge time(h) 0.58
Battery slow charge time(h) 5
Battery fast range(%) 30-80
Battery slow range(%) 20-100
position of charge port ahead
Driving mode Rear-rear-drive
Driving mode switching movement
Type of key Remote key
Skylight type -
Central control color screen Touch LCD screen
Center  control screen size 8 inches
Steering wheel material plastic
Shift pattern Electronic knob shift
Steering wheel heating -
Steering wheel memory -
Air conditioning temperature control way Manual conditioner


In terms of appearance, the third-generation Macaron of Hongguang MINIEV continues the overall design of the old model. Both the front and rear light groups adopt a new oval style, and the front license plate area is decorated with color-blocked decorative panels. This time, we also teamed up with SMILEYWORLD to integrate SMILEY’s happy elements into the new car design. It has designed dual color matching front and rear bumpers, luggage rack, clover rim cover, Smile Macaron exclusive side logo and other kits. It will launch five dual color combinations of milk apricot coffee, light awn yellow, avocado green, white peach pink and iris blue. .


Provides an 8-inch floating touch entertainment screen that supports Bluetooth music/phone, USB music/video, local radio, reversing image and other functions; the upgraded multi-function steering wheel integrates multiple function buttons including audio control, phone answering and song switching. .

In order to facilitate the entry and exit of rear passengers, the third-generation Macaron is equipped with the Easy-Entry passenger seat courtesy function. When passengers enter the rear row, they only need to use the "rear one-touch entry and exit" handle to fold and move the front seats forward to make room for the passengers. In addition, the third-generation Macaron has been upgraded with a more ergonomic seat, using dual-hardness foam cushions to bring a larger contact area and support; the seat is wrapped in fabric, with a classic houndstooth pattern on the surface Texture enhances sophistication.

In terms of configuration, the new car will also provide detailed configurations such as electric heating and cooling air conditioning, rear reversing radar, 3 USB charging interfaces, 2 speakers, App remote query/control, knob-type electronic shifting mechanism, main and passenger sun visors. In terms of safety configuration, the car can provide main and passenger airbags, ABS+EBD, automatic unlocking in collision, automatic locking while driving, tire pressure alarm, rear ISOFIX child safety seat interface, etc.

In terms of safety, the third-generation Macaron adopts a ring-shaped cage body as a whole. Hot-formed steel with a tensile strength of 1500Mpa is used in 8 places of the entire vehicle, and is equipped with dual airbags for the front and passenger seats.

In terms of power system, the new car is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity of 17.3kW·h and a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 30kW. The maximum cruising range (CLTC) reaches 215km. It provides DC fast charging, AC slow charging and household power on-board charging. A charging method. The newly added DC fast charging function can replenish energy from 30% to 80% in 35 minutes. It also comes standard with battery heating and intelligent heat preservation functions, and intelligent battery replenishment to obtain better winter performance. In addition, the power of AC slow charging has also been improved.

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