•  Wuling Air ev Qingkong 300,Four seats,Advanced version,Lowest primary source
  •  Wuling Air ev Qingkong 300,Four seats,Advanced version,Lowest primary source

Wuling Air ev Qingkong 300,Four seats,Advanced version,Lowest primary source

Short Description:

Wuling Air ev Qingkong four seats is Wuling New Energy’s first global car. It is a miniature pure electric vehicle. At a time when lifestyles such as light eating, light sports, light fashion, and light home furnishings are becoming increasingly popular, Air ev Qingkong is based on “light travel”.

The core concept is to lead the new trend of quality light travel in the world.

The Chinese name “Qingkong” means that every light trip is accompanied by blue sky and white clouds, just like the clear sky, allowing you to enjoy every trip freely. This model is mainly aimed at urban people who mainly purchase quality vehicles. Wuling Air ev Qingkong can also bring you a relaxed and high-quality travel experience.  A small car becomes a high-quality multi-scene car supplement for families, and can easily meet the needs of short-distance transportation for individuals in the city.

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Battery type:Lithium iron phosphate battery
CLTC Electric Range(km):300
Fast charge function: support
Number of driving motors:Single motor
Motor layout:Postposition


Manufacture Saic General Wuling
Rank minicar
Energy type Pure electric
CLTC Battery range(km) 300
Fast charge time(h) 0.75
Battery fast charge range(%) 80
Maximum power(kW) 50
Maximum torque(N.m) 140
Body structure 3-door,4-seater hatchback
Motor(Ps) 68
Length*width*height(mm) 2974*1505*1631
Official 0-50km/h acceleration(s) 4.8
Maximum speed(km/h) 100
Power equivalent fuel consumption(L/100km) 1.16
Service mass(kg) 888
Maximum load weight(kg) 1210
length(mm) 2974
Width(mm) 1505
Height(mm) 1631
Wheelbase(mm) 2010
Front wheel base(mm) 1290
Rear wheel base(mm) 1306
Body structure Two-compartment car
Door opening mode Swing door
Number of doors(each) 3
Number of seats(PCS) 4
Number of driving motors Single motor
Motor layout postposition
Key type Remote key
Bluetooth key
Keyless access function Front row
Central control color screen Touch LCD screen
Center control screen size 10.25 inches
Steering wheel material cortex
Steering wheel position adjustment Manual up and down adjustment
Shift pattern Electronic knob shift
Seat material Imitation leather




Air ev Qingkong focuses on a minimalist design style. The front face of the car body is equipped with an inspired breathing cursor and a vertically integrated dazzling light strip, which is dynamic and smooth; the headlights use an advanced bright light set with an LED light double lens design, and the high and low beams are stepped The layout echoes the through-lights, creating a distinct three-dimensional sense.


At the same time, the suspended rearview mirror and the front through-lights are connected to each other. In addition, Air ev Qingkong provides four body colors including white, blue, gray and brown, which is very young and dynamic.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 2974mm/1505mm/1631mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2010mm. In terms of power, it adopts a single motor layout and is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery with a maximum power of 50kW.


The new car is equipped with LED lights throughout the car, front/rear through lights, Wuling luminous logo, rear fog lights, LED high-mounted brake lights, etc.


In terms of the cockpit, the Air ev Clear Sky four-seat advanced version has a four-seat interior layout, with dark and light two-color interior options. The advanced version is equipped with leather seats. The new owner's passenger seat supports four-way adjustment; the Wuling four-seat version's rear seats support 5/5 split folding and independent folding, and the trunk space can reach up to 704L.


In terms of technology configuration, Air ev Qingkong is equipped with a 10.25-inch dual screen and is equipped with Wuling’s self-developed Ling OS system. At the same time, Air ev Qingkong supports mobile phone App remote vehicle control, which can remotely check vehicle status, and can realize functions such as Bluetooth keys, air conditioning control, remote start, remote opening and closing of doors, lift windows, scheduled charging, and vehicle remaining battery inquiry.


In terms of power and endurance, the Air ev clear sky provides a cruising range of 300km, and the four-seat version is equipped with a 50kW high-efficiency motor. In addition, the new car provides three charging modes: DC fast charging, AC charging pile, and household socket + charging gun. The four-seat version is equipped with DC fast charging. Officials say it only takes 0.75 hours to charge the battery from 30% to 80%.


In terms of active safety, the new car is equipped with ESC electronic stability system, ABS anti-lock braking system + EBD braking force distribution system, tire pressure monitoring, automatic parking, hill assist, etc. In terms of passive safety, the Air ev clear sky adopts a cage body structure, and the high-strength steel of the frame accounts for 62%.



While making subtractions for life and travel, Air ev is based on global architecture and global concepts, adding to the taste of life and travel quality, simplifying without reducing, and promoting quality and light travel. Air ev uses a lighter design to bring more self-expression, uses lighter consumption to bring more life satisfaction, uses lighter technology to bring more control, and uses a lighter concept to bring more Enjoy more quality.

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