•  BYD Don DM-p War God Edition,Primary source,Lowest Primary Source
  •  BYD Don DM-p War God Edition,Primary source,Lowest Primary Source

BYD Don DM-p War God Edition,Primary source,Lowest Primary Source

Short Description:

BYD Don series DM-p Ares Edition is a plug-in hybrid medium-sized SUV. Its NEDC pure electric cruising range is 215KM and WLTC pure electric cruising range is 189km. The Don DM-p Ares Edition is available in exclusive silver sandstone black , equipped with blackened sports kits in many places, the overall visual impact is stronger and full of sportiness. As we all know, BYD uses the unique technology of blade battery to ensure long-distance driving while also ensuring environmental protection and safety issues. This car uses Dual motors increase the power output, making it a model worth choosing. It not only meets the needs of the family, but also can better meet the needs of long-distance travel.

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Manufacture BYD
Rank Mid-size SUV
Energy type Plug-in hybrid
NEDC electric range(km) 215
WLTC electric range(km) 189
Battery fast charge time(h) 0.33
Battery fast charge range(%) 80
Maximum power(kW) 452
Maximum torque(N.m) -
Gearbox E-CVT continuously variable speed
Body structure 5-door,7-seater SUV
Engine 1.5T 139 horsepower L4
Motor(Ps) 490
Length*width*height(mm) 4870*1950*1725
Official 0-100km/h acceleration(s) 4.3
Maximum speed(km/h) 180
Fuel consumption under minimum charge(L/100km) 6.5
Power equivalent fuel consumption(L/100km) 2.8
Vehicle warranty 6 years or 150,000 kilometers
Service weight(kg) 2445
Maximum load weight(kg) 2970
Displacement(L) 1.5
Intake form turbocharging
Number of driving motors Double motor
Motor layout Front+rear
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery specific technology Blade battery
NEDC Range(km) 1020
Driving mode Sport
Key type remote
UWB Digital
Skylight type
Steering wheel material cortex
Shift pattern Electronic handle shift
Seat material  Fleece materiaol
Front seat function Heating
Air conditioner temperature control mode Automatic air conditioning
Heat pump air conditioning
Anion generator

Product details


Headlights: Don is equipped with LED light sources and has a sharp shape. The front of the car runs through silver decorative strips and extends to the headlights on both sides.

Taillight: It adopts Chinese knot design, combined with traditional Chinese elements, and is full of artistic feeling when lit.

21 inch wheels:Don DM-p Ares version is equipped with 21-inch multi-spoke wheels, painted in black, with a 6-piston caliper inside. The yellow paint is very eye-catching, and the overall sporty feel is full.

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The center console has a calm design: The center console of the Don DM-p Ares Edition is mainly in calm black, with yellow stitching embellishments to enhance the sporty feel, and the rotating screen with the BYD logo is not absent.

Instrument: In front of the driver is a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, which can display cruising range, speed and other information, and can also display navigation in full screen.

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Center control screen: There is a 15.6-inch rotatable screen in the middle of the center console, which runs the DiLink system and has a built-in app store where entertainment apps can be downloaded.

Two-spoke steering wheel: Don DM-p God of War version is equipped with a two-spoke steering wheel, made of genuine leather, with multiple buttons on the left and right sides. The left side is mainly used to adjust auxiliary driving, and the buttons are labeled in Chinese.

Interior package: It adopts exclusive decorative elements, is covered with a large area of suede material, and has a delicate touch. The front seats are equipped with ventilation and heating functions to improve comfort.

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Rear space: Adopts a 2/3/2 seat layout. The second row of seats supports front and rear adjustment, making the seating space flexible. The second row floor is flat and does not affect the foot space.

Plug-in hybrid: equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 102KW, a total motor power of 360KW, and an official 0-100km/h acceleration time of 4.3 seconds.

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