•  2024 Xiaopeng P7i MAX Version,Battery Electric Vehicle,Lowest Primary Source
  •  2024 Xiaopeng P7i MAX Version,Battery Electric Vehicle,Lowest Primary Source

2024 Xiaopeng P7i MAX Version,Battery Electric Vehicle,Lowest Primary Source

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The 2024 Xiaopeng P7i 550 MAX is a medium-sized dynamic coupe pure electric vehicle that uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which is consistent with the green and sustainable environmental protection concept. This car only needs to be charged for 0.48 hours, and the CLTC pure electric range reaches 550km. .While achieving high battery life and convenience, it also ensures the safety of travel. It is a car that you can drive with confidence. When you drive this car, you can feel the beauty of life and at the same time Not only is it convenient to travel, but more importantly, you can experience a green and low-carbon life.

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Battery type: Lithium iron phosphate battery
CLTC pure electric cruising range (KM): 550km
Battery energy (kWh): 64.4
Battery fast charging time (h):0.48

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Manufacture Xiaopeng Auto
Rank Middle-sized car
Energy type Pure electric
CLTC electric range(km) 550
Battery fast charge time(h) 0.48
Battery fast charge range(%) 10-80
Maximum power(kW) 203
Maximum torque(N.m) 440
Body structure 4-door,5-seats sedan
Motor(Ps) 276
Length*Width*Height(mm) 4888*1896*1450
Official 0-100km/h acceleration(s) 6.4
Maximum speed(km/h) 200
Power equivalent fuel consumption(L/100km) 1.54
Vehicle warranty 5 years or 120,000 kilometers
Service weight(kg) 2005
Maximum load weight(kg) 2415
Length(mm) 4888
Width(mm) 1896
Height(mm) 1450
Wheelbase(mm) 2998
Front wheel base(mm) 1615
Rear wheel base(mm) 1621
Approach Angle(°) 14
Departure Angle(°) 15
Body structure Three-compartment car
Door opening mode Swing door
Number of doors(each) 4
Number of seats(PCS) 5
Total motor power(kW) 203
Total motor horsepower(Ps) 276
Total motor torque(N.m) 440
Maximum power of rear motor(kW) 203
Maximum torque of rear motor(N.m) 440
Number of driving motors Single motor
Motor layout postposition
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery cooling system Liquid cooling
CLTC electric range(km) 550
Battery power(kW) 64.4
100km power consumption(kWh/100km) 13.6
Fast charge function support
Battery fast charge time(h) 0.48
Baatery fast charge range(%) 10-80
Key type remote key
bluetooth key
Skylight type Segmented skylights cannot be opened
Steering wheel material dermis
Shift pattern Electronic shift shift
Steering wheel heating
Liquid crystal meter dimensions 10.25 inches
Seat material  dermis
Seat feature Heat
Second row seat feature Heat
PM2.5 filter device in car




The body elements of Xiaopeng P7i are simple, low-lying, and the wide-body coupe design looks full of sportiness. The front face design of the Robot face looks flat with soft lines. The two newly added laser radars are integrated with the headlights. . Both the front and rear lights adopt a through-type + split design, which stretches the visual width. All series are equipped with steering auxiliary lights as standard.
Dynamic body curve: The side design of the car is simple, the lines are elegant and soft, and the overall appearance is slender. The low-lying front and fastback rear are full of sportiness.


Driving assistance: Equipped with 2 laser radars and Win-Win Weida Orin-X chip, supporting XINGP assisted driving system.
Sensing components: Equipped with 12 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimeter radars and 2 lidars.
Urban NGP navigation assisted driving system: Xiaopeng P7i supports urban navigation assisted driving. When the function is turned on, it can automatically identify traffic lights and automatically avoid obstacles.
High-speed NGP navigation assisted driving: After the Xiaopeng P7i starts the high-speed driving assisted driving function, it can automatically switch to the optimal lane, automatically drive out or enter the ramp, etc.
Memory parking: Xiaopeng P7i not only supports automatic parking, but also remote parking and cross-floor memory parking.



Xiaopeng's interior is exquisite. The center console is simple in design, with a dual-screen design and no physical buttons. The large-area leather wrapping is very delicate, and the stepped design also has a more layered feel.

Instrument: Xiaopeng P7i is equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument, which can display cruising range, speed, vehicle information, etc., as well as map navigation and entertainment functions.


Central control screen: Equipped with a 14.96-inch central control screen, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, running Xmart OS system, built-in application store, third-party applications can be downloaded, and supports 5G network.
Wireless charging pad: The front row is equipped with two wireless charging pads with a maximum power of 15W, making it convenient for the driver and passenger to charge at the same time.


Multi-function steering wheel: Adopts a new steering wheel design, uses leather wrapping and chrome plating decoration, and also adds a steering wheel heating function.
Pocket-style shifting: Xiaopeng P7i adopts pocket-style shifting and integrates a switch for the driving assistance function. When driving in D gear, pull down again to turn on the driving assistance.

Seats: The front seats are made of leather material. Both the main and passenger seats are equipped with ventilation, heating and seat memory functions, and use new ergonomic design to improve comfort. They can be adjusted through the central control screen, and there are three adjustable levels. .
Rear seats: Equipped with heating function, and the seat cushions are lengthened to provide better leg support.


Fragrance: Equipped with a fragrance function, the fragrance bottle is in the front center armrest box, which is easy to replace, and the design is very elegant.
Door panel trim: The door panels are spliced with a variety of materials, which naturally integrates the speakers with the door panels and has a strong sense of design.

Rear air outlet: The rear air outlet does not support independent adjustment of the rear row. There is a USB interface and Type-C interface on the air outlet.
One-button power-off: There is a one-button power-off button in front of the front reading lamp, which can turn off the vehicle power with one button.
Custom buttons: The rear row is equipped with custom buttons, and voice wake-up can be set as needed.

Dynaudio Audio: Comes standard with 20 speakers and supports 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos.

Brembo brake calipers: Standard front four-piston Brembo brake calipers, combined with Brembo ventilated brake discs, improve vehicle braking capabilities.


Driving modes: The standard P7i comes standard with standard mode, comfort mode, sport mode and three driving modes.

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