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As a luxury mid-to-large SUV specially built for young family users, the LI L6 body size of less than five meters makes city driving flexible and easy to drive and park, and at the same time brings a large interior space that is ahead of its class. LI L6continues the iconic star ring design of the L series, with a more refined and dynamic shape. L6 has class-leading comfortable and luxurious configurations. In terms of power, the L6 is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender and a 36.8 kWh battery pack. It comes standard with dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive, can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 5.4 seconds, and has a CLTC comprehensive cruising range of 1,390 kilometers. The L6 comes standard with front double-wishbone rear five-link suspension and CDC shock absorbers, taking into account both control and comfort. In terms of intelligence, LI L6uses high-definition four-screen interaction and is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295P. The car system has been deeply optimized, with fast response, low latency, and stable network. The AI-powered Ideal Classmate is the strongest family car assistant. All LI L6series are equipped with intelligent driving systems as standard. Users do not need to pay extra, and their intelligent driving capabilities can continue to grow.

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Rank Medium and large SUV
Energy type extenede-range
WLTC electric range(km) 182
CLTC Battery range(km) 212
Battery fast charge time(h) 0.33
Battery slow charge time(h) 6
Battery fast charge range(%) 20-80
Battery slow charge range(%) 0-100
Maximum power(kW) 300
Maximun torque(N.m) 529
Engine 1.5t 154 horsepower L4
Motor(Ps) 408
Maximum speed(km/h) 180
WLTC combined fuel consumption9L/100km) 0.72
Power equivalent fuel consumption(L/100km) 2.39
Vehicle warranty 5 years or 100,000km
Service mass(kg) 2345
Length(mm) 4925
Width(mm) 1960
Height(mm) 1735
Wheelbase(mm) 2920
Front wheel base(mm) 1696
Rear wheel base(mm) 1704
Body structure SUV
Door opening mode Swing door
Key type Remote key
Bluetooth key
Keyless access function Whole vehicle
Skylight type Do not poen the panoramic skylight
Steering wheel material dermis
Steering wheel heating
Steering wheel memory
Seat material dermis
Front seat function Heating
Power seat memory function Driving seat
Passenger seat
Second row seat function heating
Air conditioner temperature control mode Automatic air conditioning
ADAS auxiliary light






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Smart cockpit: The LI L6 center console adopts a simple family-style design, is wrapped in a large area of ​​leather, is equipped with three screens, and the middle air outlet is equipped with chrome decoration.


Dual screens: The LI L6 center console is equipped with two 15.7-inch LCD screens with a resolution of 3K. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295P chip and supports 5G network. You can choose two screens to play videos at the same time. It also has a built-in Mind GPT car model.


Central control screen: There is a 15.7-inch screen in the middle, which can be used to set up the vehicle, adjust the air-conditioned seats, etc. It has a built-in app store, where you can download and use QQ Music, iQiyi and other applications, and it also supports mobile screen projection.

Interactive screen: Above the L6 steering wheel is a 4.82-inch interactive screen, which can display gear position, battery life information, etc., and can adjust driving mode and energy mode with touch.


HUD: L6 is equipped with a 13.35-inch HUD head-up display, which can display map navigation, speed, speed limit information, gear, etc.

Leather steering wheel: Equipped with a three-spoke leather steering wheel, which supports electric adjustment, has steering wheel heating and memory functions, the left button controls the car, volume, etc., and the right button controls assisted driving.


Wireless charging: The L6 is equipped with two wireless charging pads in the front row, located under the center console, supporting up to 50W wireless charging and equipped with heat dissipation vents.

Pocket-style shifting: L6 is equipped with an electronic gear lever, which adopts a pocket-style design and is located on the right rear of the steering wheel. The P gear button is located on the outside. The gear handle integrates an auxiliary driving switch. When driving in D gear, toggle it down to turn on the auxiliary driving.


Comfortable space: L6 comes standard with leather seats, the rear row supports electric adjustment of the backrest angle, and the seats on both sides are ventilated and heated. The middle is only equipped with heating, the middle of the floor is flat, and the seat cushion design is thicker.


256-color ambient light: L6 is equipped with 256-color ambient light, and the light strip is located above the door panel.
Front row space: The L6 seats have a simple design, with perforated surfaces and soft pillows for the head. Both the main and passenger seats are equipped with ventilation, heating, massage and seat memory. They are equipped with physical buttons on both sides for adjustment, which can also be adjusted on the front seat. Adjust on the central control screen.


Car refrigerator: L6 MAX is equipped with a car refrigerator, located behind the front center armrest, with a capacity of 8.8L, supports cooling and heating, and can be opened electrically.
Panoramic sunroof: Equipped with panoramic sunroof and electric sunshade, the skylight lighting area is 1.26 square meters, and the UV isolation rate of the sky curtain glass is 99.8%.
Platinum audio system: Equipped with a platinum audio system, the car has a total of 19 speakers and adopts a 7.3.4 panoramic layout.
Seat ventilation and heating: The air conditioning control panel can control the ventilation and heating of all vehicle seats. There are three adjustable levels, and it can also control the rear electric folding and steering wheel heating.
Seat massage: Equipped with seat massage function, back activation and back relaxation modes are optional, and there are three adjustable intensity levels: gentle, standard and intensity.
Rear control screen: There is a control screen behind the front center armrest, which can control the rear independent air conditioning, adjust rear seat ventilation and heating, etc. It has a temperature display. There are Type-c interfaces on both sides.

Rear seat control: There is a second-row seat control page on the central control screen, which can adjust the rear seat reclining angle and seat functions.



The exterior adopts a family-style design, with a new baby elephant gray color scheme, a full front shape, a lidar in the middle of the roof, and a through-type air intake below that connects the light groups on both sides.


Body design: It is shaped as a medium to large SUV, with a simple and full side design, equipped with hidden door handles, and the license plate area at the rear of the car is located under the tailgate.

Headlight: The headlight is a split design, with an arc-shaped through-type LED daytime running light at the top and a square headlight set at the bottom. The taillight is a through-type design.


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