•  BYD Sea Lion 07 EV 550 Four-wheel drive Smart Air Version
  •  BYD Sea Lion 07 EV 550 Four-wheel drive Smart Air Version

BYD Sea Lion 07 EV 550 Four-wheel drive Smart Air Version

Short Description:

BYD Sea Lion 07 EV four-wheel drive Zhihang Edition is a pure electric medium-sized SUV. The CLTC pure electric cruising range can reach 550KM and the maximum power reaches 390KW.

Positioned as a “medium-sized urban smart electric SUV”, the Sea Lion 07 EV can be called an “all-around king” with extraordinary capabilities. It solves a series of user pain points such as battery life, charging, and driving experience, making pure electric travel more convenient, faster, and more comfortable. , is an innovative masterpiece created by BYD Ocean Network for the new generation of urban users. It also further expands Ocean Network’s product matrix and strengthens Ocean Network’s layout in the mid-size SUV market segment and high-value product fields.

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Manufacturer BYD
Rank Mid-size SUV
Energy type Pure electric
CLTC electric range(km) 550
Battery fast charge time(h) 0.42
Battery fast charge range(%) 10-80
Maximum torque(N.m) 690
Maximum power(kW) 390
Body structure 5-door,5-seat SUV
Motor(Ps) 530
Length*width*height(mm) 4830*1925*1620
Official 0-100km/h acceleration(s) 4.2
Maximum speed(km/h) 225
Power equivalent fuel consumption(L/100km) 1.89
Vehicle warranty 6 years or 150,000 kilometers
Service weight(kg) 2330
Maximum load weight(kg) 2750
Length(mm) 4830
Width(mm) 1925
Height(mm) 1620
Wheelbase(mm) 2930
Front wheel base(mm) 1660
Rear wheel base(mm) 1660
Approach angle(°) 16
Departure angle(°) 19
Body structure SUV
Door opening mode Swing door
Number of doors(each) 5
Number of seats(each) 5
Front trunk volume(L) 58
Trunk volume(L) 500
Total motor power(kW) 390
Total motor power(Ps) 530
Total motol torque(N.m) 690
Maximum power of front motor(N.m) 160
Maximum power of rear motor(N.m) 230
Maximum torque of rear motor(N.m) 380
Number of driving motors Double motor
Motor layout Front+rear
Battery specific technology Blade battery
Battery cooling system Liquid cooling
100km power consumption(kWh/100km) 16.7
Fast charge function support
Fast charge power(kW) 240
Battery fast charge time(h) 0.42
Battery fast charge range(%) 10-80
Position of the slow charge port Car right rear
Position of the fast charge port Car right rear
Driving mode Dual motor four-wheel drive
Four-wheel drive form Electric four-wheel drive
Assist type Electric power assist
Car body structure self-supporting
Driving mode switching sports
Key type Remote key
Bluetooth kry
Keylss access function Front row
Hide power door handles
Skylight type Do not open the panoramic skylight
Multilayer soundproof glass Front row
Central control color screen Touch LCD screen
Center control screen size 15.6 inches
Steering wheel material dermis
Shift pattern Electronic handle shift
Steering wheel heating
Liquid crystal meter dimensions 10.25 inches
Seat material deimis
Front seat function heat
Second row seat feature heat


As the first model of Ocean Network's new Sea Lion IP, the exterior design of Sea Lion 07EV is based on the sensational Ocean X concept car. BYD Sea Lion 07EV further strengthens the family concept of Ocean series models.

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Sea Lion 07EV highly restores the fashionable shape and elegant charm of the concept version. The flowing lines outline the elegant fastback profile of Sea Lion 07EV. Through careful attention to design details, rich marine elements give this urban SUV a unique artistic taste. The naturally presented surface contrast highlights the expressive and avant-garde shape.

Sea Lion 07EV is available in four body colors: Sky Purple, Aurora White, Atlantis Gray, and Black Sky. These colors are based on the color tones of the ocean, combined with the preferences of young people, and reflect the sense of technology, new energy and fashion. The overall cold-toned atmosphere is light, elegant and full of vitality.


The interior design of Sea Lion 07EV takes "suspension, light weight, and speed" as key words, pursuing individuality and practicality. Its internal lines continue the fluidity of the external design, and use a variety of materials to interpret various marine elements with delicate workmanship, bringing a more active atmosphere to the elegant crew cabin space. The complete curve forms the basis of the wrap-around structure of the Sea Lion 07EV interior, giving the occupants a greater sense of security. At the same time, the upward attitude similar to that of a yacht gives people a wonderful experience of riding the waves.

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The "Ocean Core" central control layout and the "Suspended Wings" instrument panel create a sense of natural elegance. Designs such as the flat-bottomed four-spoke sports steering wheel and retro-style triangular windows demonstrate an extraordinary sense of quality and elegant luxury. The soft interior area accounts for more than 80% of the entire vehicle interior area, significantly improving the overall comfort and high-quality feel of the interior.

Sea Lion 07EV makes full use of the technical advantages of e-platform 3.0 Evo with flexible layout and high integration. Its wheelbase reaches 2,930mm, providing users with a wide, practical and large internal space, which significantly improves the riding experience. The whole series comes standard with a driver's seat 4-way electric lumbar support adjustment, and all models come standard with front seat ventilation/heating functions.

There are nearly 20 different types of storage spaces in the car, which are convenient for storing various small items. The front cabin storage space has a volume of 58 liters and can accommodate a 20-inch standard suitcase. The trunk tailgate can be opened and closed electrically with one button. It is convenient for users to carry large items, and it also provides an induction trunk function. If you carry the key within 1 meter of the tailgate, you only need to lift your leg and swipe to open or close the trunk, making the operation more convenient. In addition, configurations such as a large-area panoramic canopy, electric sunshades, 128-color ambient lights, 12-speaker HiFi-level custom Dynaudio audio, etc., bring users high-quality travel enjoyment.

Sea Lion 07EV comes standard with a super-safe blade battery. Thanks to the innovation of lithium iron phosphate battery materials and structures, it has inherent advantages in safety performance and greatly improves the safety performance of the battery. The volume utilization rate of the blade battery pack is as high as 77%. With the advantage of high volume energy density, large-capacity batteries can be arranged in a small space to achieve longer driving range.

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The Sea Lion 07EV comes standard with an industry-leading 11 airbags. In addition to the main/passenger front airbags, front/rear side airbags, and front and rear integrated side curtain airbags, a new front middle airbag is added to protect the safety of the vehicle's occupants in all aspects. , and comply with more stringent safety crash test standards. In addition, Sea Lion 07EV is also equipped with an active motor pretensioner seat belt (main driving position), combined with PLP (pyrotechnic leg safety pretensioner) and dynamic lock tongue, which can provide more effective safety measures for the occupants in the event of an accident. security protection.

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